From the Vintage Vault: 1987

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April 24, 2014
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This vintage spot for Oregon Traffic Safety Commission (since merged into ODOT/Transportation Safety) about the perils of drinking and driving remains one of our favorite demonstrations of our approach – direct and dramatic but not afraid to have a bit of fun to make a serious point.

The campaign was the second TV spot in a multi-year, multimedia campaign “The Heat is On.” The campaign won numerous awards, including awards in the Houston International Film Festival and Oregon PRSA competitions.

Walt Wagner, who starred in several of the “The Heat is On” TV spots, billboards and posters, was an Oregon State Police officer – whenever possible, we like to use real people to deliver real messages. After he retired from a highly successful career with the State Police, Walt became “talent” for numerous northwest print and electronic ads – we like to think we gave him his start. Now retired on a ranch, he still serves Oregon on the Crook County School District board.

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