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The Daffodil Strategy

The Daffodil Strategy

According to the Reader’s Digest Complete Book of the Garden, daffodils should be planted “so they appear to have grown spontaneously from self-sown seeds. This effect may be obtained by strewing the bulbs by handfuls over the ground surface and planting them where they fall, taking care to leave some open spaces without bulbs, or with very few bulbs, between drifts of greater intensity.”

So it is with messages and tactics. Have an orderly plan. But let the messages bloom in slight disorder so they appear natural, and they will be all the more effective.

We call this the “Daffodil Strategy,” one of our Manzanita Notes.

One more thing – just as you plant the bulbs in late September or early October with the expectation of a bright and yellow spring, begin creating and distributing messages early, without fanfare but with purpose, for later effect.