Angela Tait

Angela joined Gard in 2021 as a Media Buyer. She works with the team to plan and execute media strategies to ensure the client’s message is effectively reaching the desired audience. By staying on top of market trends and ever-changing media consumption habits, she helps to create more responsive and relevant media campaigns. Maintaining vendor relationships is a pivotal part of Angela’s role and is essential for negotiating and maximizing media budgets.

Angela comes to Gard with 20 years of experience as a buyer/planner. A graduate of the University of Oregon, she has an extensive background in various media channels, including TV, radio, print, out of home, digital and social media.

When not strategizing, Angela enjoys hiking with her pup Milo, cooking for friends and family and planning her next adventure.

The media landscape is perpetually changing. You must be willing to learn and evolve to stay relevant.

Angela Tait

Colleagues Say

“Angie is one of those people who immediately strikes you with their competency and self-directedness. She can come into a project, assess it quickly, ask insightful questions – and be off to the races in no time.”