Arthur Parker

Arthur worked with the Gard team for many years before officially joining in 2021 as Lead Web Developer. He is primarily responsible for turning designs into websites. As such, he chooses the right tools and then uses those tools to build the website. Or, if a client’s website has a unique need and there’s no off-the-shelf solution available, Arthur builds a custom tool to do the job.

Arthur likes to think that building a website is like building a house: If it has the right foundation and structure, then future changes and customization can be made easier.

A graduate of Emory University with a degree in philosophy, Arthur is a long-time web developer with more than 20 years of experience. He is a native of the Southeast, but he’s lived for 17 years in Portland, where he is a performing and recording musician.

The internet has plenty of room, and I want to help everyone find their place in it.

Arthur Parker

Colleagues Say

“Arthur Parker is one of those rare developers who can focus on details while also stepping back to understand how those details fit into the big picture of clients’ strategies.”