Julie Wallis

Look out over the Portland skyline and you may just see a little bit of Gard’s Office Manager/Bookkeeper up there. That’s because in an earlier life, before she joined Gard in 2023, Julie worked as an associate principal and marketing manager at Bora Architecture & Interiors, where she played key roles in securing signature building projects across the Northwest – and beyond.

Julie’s 20-plus-years in marketing and communications also included nine years as the office manager for Portland State University’s marketing and communications department. There, she oversaw everything from office management and executive assistance to human resources, accounting and orchestrating events large and small. At Gard, Julie is dedicated to the smooth functioning of our agency and the accuracy of our financial records. With a keen attention to detail, she also spearheads projects that enhance office efficiency.

A native Oregonian who graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelor’s degree in business marketing, Julie finds solace in nature travel, seeking out hot springs and exploring new hiking trails. She’s also a volunteer dog walker for a rescue organization, and she loves the joy that comes from hosting gatherings and cooking for friends and family.