Nancy Oganezov

A seasoned social media pro, Nancy joined Gard in 2022 as our Social Media Strategist. In that role, she uses years of multi-industry experience to guide teams and clients through training, best practices, campaign planning, crisis and more.

Prior to joining Gard, Nancy wore many hats, from community manager and copywriter to content strategist and account executive, before transitioning to freelance consulting in 2020. She also had a post-graduate internship with the PR firm Edelman, where she was the lead social community manager for Samsung and Hawaii Tourism. Her work there focused on award-winning campaigns and unique crises, including the eruption of Kilauea in 2018.

A graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in communication and rhetoric studies, Nancy is also an avid textile artist. Before relocating to the Pacific Northwest from her hometown of Los Angeles in 2021, she donated various pieces of her art to local organizations to help with fundraising. As of fall 2022, she was working on an eight-foot-wide tufted rug in her home studio.


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True artists can make a masterpiece even when handed broken crayons.

Nancy Oganezov