Shelby Schroeder

Shelby is a Digital Project Manager for the web team at Gard who simultaneously keeps projects on track while looking out for new skills, hidden software tricks and better ways to collaborate. He joined Gard in early 2022.

With a bachelor’s degree and very brief stint in print journalism, Shelby moved from his hometown in Ohio to join the world of marketing and communications before finding his niche in project management. With more than a decade of experience that spans PR and content strategy to social media and web design, he’s comfortable touching many parts of a project in order to make it its best. An innate planner, Shelby is always thinking ahead to the questions and concerns clients might have, and he aims to make each step along the way easy and understandable.

In his personal life, Shelby is a longtime meditator, dog whisperer and connoisseur of top-notch reality TV. His deep knowledge of the Real Housewives franchise and early Drag Race is virtually unmatched. When not at work, he’s dancing in the kitchen with his husband, Googling photos of “jungle brutalism,” sipping kombucha at a bar or doting on his elderly lab-pointer mix, Nico. 

“Despite my problem-solving prowess, I believe that if you approach work – or life – like a series of problems to solve, you miss out on a lot of fun!”

Shelby Schroeder

Colleagues Say

“Shelby has the rare talent of being able to keep the big picture and the small details in mind at the same time. He’s also a genius at herding cats. He moves projects forward with thoughtful empathy and friendly good humor, and he is a huge asset to Gard.”