Creating a Renewable Future

Global is helping lead the transition to low-carbon, sustainable energy in the Northeast and beyond. We partnered with Global to develop authentic and compelling communications as the company expands its offerings in renewable fuels, opens more EV charging stations and unveils GlobalGLO Low Carbon Solutions™.

Eric Slifka, CEO of Global Partners and others perform a ribbon cutting ceremony as the City of Worcester, MA, celebrates the opening of new EV charging station.
Screenshot of the GlobalGLO section of the Global Partners website, with a slideshow about voluntary carbon offsets.

Copywriting, design and web development

A new, multi-page section of the Global Partners website.

Double-page spread from a report titled "Safety and Preparedness" folded open over gray background.

Communicating Global’s commitment to its communities

Working with Global’s design team, Gard helped craft language for the company’s CSR report.

Selected Media Coverage

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