Our Team

We share good judgment, intelligence and the pride and determination to get the work done right. As to our specific resumes, you might be surprised.

Mary Ann Aldridge

Of Counsel, Mentor, Gardener, Experimental Chef

Mary Ann Aldridge

Of Counsel


Mary Ann joined Gard in 1983 as a graphic artist. Titles since have included creative director, producer, vice president and shareholder.

Subtly eccentric, Mary Ann creates custom works of three dimensional art and is a master piñata maker.

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Natalie Bennon

Account Manager, Doer, Nature Lover, Kombucha Maker

Natalie Bennon

Account Manager



Natalie joined the firm in 2018 after running her own public relations firm, doing communications and grant writing for environmental nonprofits, and working as an environmental journalist in D.C.

Natalie is passionate about rivers, nutrition, karaoke and her family. She is also known for being brutally honest, so if you want the hard truth, ask Natalie.

Ashley Clark

Senior Associate, Traveler, Politico, Blazer Fan

Ashley Clark

Senior Associate



Ashley joined the firm in 2018 after a 6 year career in Oregon politics that included working for a U.S. congressman and as chief of staff to a state representative.

A native of Las Vegas, Ashley still struggles with Oregon’s rainy season but survives on craft beer, beautiful hikes and Trail Blazer games.

Liz Fuller

President, Ex-ballerina, Foodie, Peloton-addict

Liz Fuller




Liz joined Gard in 2010. She shares responsibility for management of the firm with Brian, and previously worked as a political and nonprofit consultant.

A former professional ballet dancer, Liz danced in Seattle and Portland before trading pointe shoes for pumps. She has served on the board of the Portland State University Foundation and is a past board chair of p:ear, a non-profit that works with homeless youth.

Scott Gallagher

Director of Public Relations, Storyteller, Professor, Cider Maker

Scott Gallagher

Director of Public Relations



Scott joined Gard in 2016. Before that, he was a college professor, marketing director for Rogue Ales and the spokesperson for Portland State University.

Scott has a Ph.D. in English literature and creative writing from Ohio University. He owns and operates a cider business, Ulee’s Light Cider.

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Brian Gard

Senior Partner, Founder, Copywriter, Beach Bum

Brian Gard

Senior Partner



Brian started the firm in August 1979 to specialize in corporate, public policy and crisis communications. He wishes he could point to some specific background that prepared him to take that step.

Brian and Rhonda have five children and, to date, four grandchildren. Brian likes to read, Rhonda likes to be with her grandchildren, and they both like to spend time in Manzanita.

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Valarie Grudier

Director of Finance & Operations, Runner, Dancer, Champion Pie Baker

Valarie Grudier

Director of Finance & Operations



Valarie joined the firm in 1982 after working for a local CPA firm, and another focused on research and consulting.

A University of Oregon graduate with a degree in dance, she’s been a singer, a dancer and a choreographer for local and regional dance and theater companies.

Michelle Helm-Carpinelli

Director of Media & Promotion, Marketer, Negotiator, Adventurer

Michelle Helm-Carpinelli

Director of Media & Promotion



Michelle has worked for the firm collectively for over 20 years. She has also worked in radio and was the marketing director for OregonLive.com.

Michelle has skydived, experienced 180 miles per hour in a race car, has been face-to-face with a grey wolf and has held a baby alligator.

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Madison Kaplan

Project Manager, Cat Mom, Scuba Diver, Yogi

Madison Kaplan

Project Manager



Madison joined Gard in 2018 after graduating from Oregon State University. She previously worked at the OSU Foundation, where she helped raise funds for university campaigns, scholarships and academic programs.

Madison loves playing tennis in her free time and once acted in a tennis-themed music video for the band The Decemberists.

Anne Mangan

Bookkeeper, Runner, Reader, Wishful Traveler

Anne Mangan




Anne joined Gard in 1987. She previously worked at Transamerica Financial as a loan manager and at Waldenbooks in customer service.

She spends her spare time trying to keep up with three active daughters through road races, hiking, biking, and hitting the gym.

Arthur Parker

Of Counsel, Musician, Reader, Pedestrian

Arthur Parker

Of Counsel


Arthur started working with the web team in 2018.  He is a full-stack developer, equally comfortable tweaking fonts or databases.

A native of the Southeast, Arthur has lived in Portland for 15 years, where he is a performing and recording musician.

John Plymale

Creative Director, Sheep Farmer, Barn Builder, Dog Aficionado

John Plymale

Creative Director



John was the senior art director for the firm from 1993 to 2000, and then rejoined in 2005 to head the creative department. He designs, writes copy, and directs TV, radio, print and digital advertising.

John and his wife opened Portland’s first dog (but don’t call it “doggy”) daycare in 1999.

Jenna Rose

Digital Producer, Photographer, Animal Lover, Time Traveler

Jenna Rose

Digital Producer



Jenna joined Gard in 2011. An accomplished photographer, videographer and web developer, she helps implement successful digital strategies. She previously managed a veterinary hospital, where she wrangled pets and paperwork.

Jenna has explored every coastal town in Oregon, and she knows more about Star Trek than anyone else in the office. Picard is her captain.

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Katie Sakurai

Graphic Designer, Seamstress, Bargain Hunter, Maker of Things

Katie Sakurai

Graphic Designer



Katie has worked as a graphic designer for Gard since 2008. She previously worked in Japan helping teach English to Japanese students.

She loves to find clothes at thrift shops or sew them herself.

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Scott Sparling

Director of Strategy, Author, Reader, Music Fan

Scott Sparling

Director of Strategy



Scott joined Gard in 1989. He specializes in messaging and strategy, and has extensive experience in the fields of healthcare, energy and traffic safety. His creative work has won awards in all media.

Scott is the author of an award-winning novel, Wire to Wire, and a music website that has provided content for the BBC and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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Julia Stoops

Director of Web & Digital, Critical Thinker, Iconoclast, Cat Lover

Julia Stoops

Director of Web & Digital



Julia joined Gard in 2015. She previously ran her own web design company, and is an expert web strategist, information architect and user experience (UX) designer.

Originally from New Zealand, Julia has lived in Portland for 25 years. A former college professor, she's also a published novelist and exhibiting visual artist.

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Andrew Thompson

Account Manager, Reader, Globetrotter, Political Enthusiast

Andrew Thompson

Account Manager



Andrew joined Gard in 2016 after working as a senior account executive for corporate and government clients at a public relations firm in Atlanta.

Andrew grew up in Tokyo and Atlanta, which explains the toss up between shoyu ramen and barbecue chicken for his favorite food.

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Andrew Trecha

Lead Developer, Musician, Closet Luthier, Bike Lover

Andrew Trecha

Lead Developer



Andrew joined Gard in 2018. His work experience includes building accessible websites for a community college, working in a brand management studio and building store fronts for clients at an eCommerce start up.

A lifelong musician, Andrew is also a confirmed tinkerer who enjoys working on guitars, building guitar pedals, and perfecting the art of hand winding guitar pickups.

Luciana Trevisan

Of Counsel, Global Citizen, Historian, Animal Lover

Luciana Trevisan

Of Counsel

Luciana has over 20 years of experience managing our healthcare and public safety clients. Her role is working with complex organizations from strategic planning through all phases of implementation.

A native of northern Italy, Luciana received her university degree in Germany and is fluent in Italian and German.

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Ryan White

Copywriter, Author, Defenseman, Wolverine

Ryan White




An award-winning writer, Ryan joined Gard in 2017 after nearly 16 years on staff at the Oregonian newspaper.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Ryan is the author of Springsteen: Album by Album, and Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life All the Way. He plays hockey on weekends.

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Alexis Wong

Account Manager, Theatre Maker, Singer, Drafter of Lists

Alexis Wong

Account Manager



Alexis joined Gard in 2018 from San Francisco where she had most recently worked in digital advertising at Twitch and Rotten Tomatoes/Flixster.

A U.C. Berkeley graduate with a degree in architecture, she’s produced, worked and performed in theater for over 15 years. Alexis also privately coaches public speaking and serves on staff at PDX Women in Tech as a copywriter.