Meet the people behind Gard

Gard is home to some of the best strategists, storytellers, designers and digital developers in the Northwest. We share good judgment, pride in our work and the determination to get it done right, every time. When you partner with Gard, our team is your team.

As for our backgrounds and interests, you might be surprised. Check them out below, and read more about our culture.

Jon Bell with photo

Jon Bell

Wordsmith, Alpine Enthusiast, Bread Maker

Suzanne Pardington Effros

Newsie, Peace Corps Volunteer, Chocolate Lover
Liz Fuller, President and CEO of Gard Communications.
Liz Fuller, President and CEO of Gard, holding ballet slippers.

Liz Fuller

Ex-ballerina, Foodie, Peloton-addict
Scott Gallagher.
Scott Gallagher with sunglasses.

Scott Gallagher

Storyteller, Professor, Cider Maker
Brian Gard.

Brian Gard

Copywriter, Beachcomber
Headshot of Kate Gillem.
Headshot of Kate Gillem.

Kate Gillem

Upcycler, Girl Mom, Royal News Reader
A smiling woman with shoulder-length brown hair.
A smiling woman with shoulder-length brown hair holding a video camera.

Karah Langson

Creative Detective, Latte Addict, Vintage Aficionado
Headshot of Connor McCarthy.
Headshot of Connor McCarthy.

Connor McCarthy

News Junkie, Foodie, Outdoor Enthusiast
Arthur Parker.
Arthur Parker.

Arthur Parker

Musician, Reader, Pedestrian

Tanya Partem

Diver, Food Science Nerd, Traveler
Jabriel Pierce.
Jabriel Pierce wearing a funny hat.

Jabriel Pierce

Doodler, Notebook Hoarder, Maker of Playlists

John Plymale

Sheep Farmer, Barn Builder, Dog Aficionado
Chelsea Punian, Director of PR and Public Affairs at Gard Communications.
Chelsea Punian, Public Affairs Account Manager at Gard Communications.

Chelsea Punian

Tea Connoisseur, Sports Fanatic, Reader

Jenna Rose

Photographer, Animal Lover, Time Traveler

Katie Sakurai

Seamstress, Bargain Hunter, Maker of Things
Erica Schroeder.
Erica Schroeder holding a puzzle piece.

Erica Schroeder

Houseplant Curator, Jigsaw Puzzler, Powered by Dark Chocolate
Headshot of Shelby Schroeder.
Headshot of Shelby Schroeder.

Shelby Schroeder

Planner, Pup Whisperer, Architecture Lover
Hannah Smith, Associate Director of PR at Gard Communications.

Hannah Smith

Globetrotter, TV Critic, Community Builder
Julia Stoops
Julia Stoops with book.

Julia Stoops

Artist, Author, Critical Thinker
Angela Tait.
Angela Tait with flowers.

Angela Tait

Amateur Chef, Aspiring Traveler, Dog Lover
Daniel Thoennessen.
Daniel Thoennessen.

Daniel Thoennessen

Creator, Learner, Oregon Wine Enthusiast
Liz Vargas.
Liz Vargas holding a paintbrush and notebook.

Liz Vargas

Homesteader, Artist, Experience Seeker
A smiling woman with shortish blond hair.
A smiling woman with blond hair in a down vest holding a camping coffee mug.

Julie Wallis

Nature Journaler, Stargazer, Maker of Menus
Alexis Wong
Alexis Wong

Alexis Wong

Theatre Maker, Singer, Drafter of Lists

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