Gardians Guide: Career Tips for Aspiring Communications Professionals

Graduation season has arrived, bringing with it a wave of new graduates excited to explore their future career paths. The field of communications, with its wide array of opportunities and challenges, is a popular choice.

We reached out to a few of our Gardians for their top advice on pursuing a career in communications.

Scott Gallagher bio

“Don’t focus so much on the job title and look instead at the responsibilities. Often there’s little difference between a communications manager versus a PR associate or even a marketing manager, so don’t let the title limit your options.” – Scott Gallagher, Vice President

“Network early and often. Look for folks you admire in the cities or industries you want to work in and ask them to coffee or for an informational interview.” – Liz Vargas, Account Manager

Ashley Clark

“Consume traditional media. This will help you understand the kinds of stories journalists are telling and how they share information with their audiences. That is the best way to learn how to develop pitches and know what an interesting angle could be.”  – Ashley Hagg, Senior Account Manager

Ask other professionals about their career paths. Many can provide out-of-the- box ideas and perspectives about types of roles to pursue.” – Erica Schroeder, Associate

Alexis Wong

“Be open to different possibilities. Don’t dismiss an opportunity because it doesn’t fall neatly into your idea of what your career is. This is the time in your life when you have the most time and energy, as well as the fewest obligations. Now is the time to explore!” – Alexis Wong, Senior Account Manager

Hannah Smith, Associate Director of PR at Gard Communications.

Be nice to everyone and act with integrity. You will likely encounter many of the same people in your industry throughout your career. Being kind and respectful will go a long way to open future opportunities.” – Hannah Smith, Associate Director of PR

Congrats to all the new grads! If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities at Gard Communications, visit our careers page or follow us on LinkedIn.