Set an Example. Buckle Up.

One of our proudest accomplishments is leading the campaign to pass Oregon’s Measure 9 in 1990, requiring people, by law, to buckle up. Since then, Oregon has led the nation in safety belt statistics, resulting in countless lives saved. We continue to remind drivers to practice this lifesaving habit and set an example, like in this sweet little 30-second TV spot.

A screenshot from a safety belt PSA video, showing a father buckling a young child into a car safety seat.
A screenshot from a safety belt PSA video, of a couple in a car looking back at their young child in a safety seat.

“One Easy Way” (:30 TV)

Good habits start early – we helped the Transportation Safety Office to share messages emphasizing that families can be the best early teachers of safe habits, like always buckling your seatbelt, no matter the length of the trip. We worked with local production house, Deep Sky, to tell a story stretching over decades, about the lessons we learn.

Worldfest Houston Awards

2023 Gold Winner for “One Easy Way” :30 TV PSA

Telly Awards

2023 Bronze Winner for “One Easy Way” :30 TV PSA (Public Service/PSA)

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