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Tribal Community and Clinic Websites

We created a new website to help the Tribe share its vision for a reclaimed piece of ancestral homelands at Willamette Falls known as tumwata village. The new site supports our community relations and government affairs work with powerful imagery and strong storytelling. We also created a website for a new Tribally owned opioid treatment program, including naming, brand identity and messaging.

Home page of the tumwata village website.
Home page of the tumwata village website, seen on a tablet device on a person's lap.

Tumwata village website

Design and development of a new website in WordPress, sharing the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde’s vision for tumwata village and providing a donation feature.

w3 Award Winner

2023 Award for (General Websites—Public Relations)

Architect's rendering of tumwata village, a proposed development at Willamette Falls, Oregon.
A Tribal fisherman holds up a huge salmon he's just caught at Willamette falls, using the traditional fishing technique.
Home page of the Great Circle Recovery website.

Great Circle Recovery Clinics website

Design and development of a website to promote two new Tribally-owned opioid clinics in Portland and Salem, Oregon.

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