Gard in the News

It’s uncommon for Gard to be the one making the news, or, perhaps better said, to be in the news. We are more comfortable behind the scenes, working in support of our clients. We’ve been informing employees, clients and friends of the firm about the transition in leadership at Gard for some time now. Nigel Jaquiss at the Willamette Week heard the “murmur” and called us to confirm it. Special occasions are nothing to be shy about, and we are pleased Nigel took an interest, as you can see below.

The transition began a couple of years ago when Liz became the Managing Director of the firm. It is intentionally a thoughtful and slow transition, because that is the best way for employees, clients and prospective clients to see that the standards and effectiveness of the firm are not changing. Liz and I will continue to share leadership of the firm for several more years, before Liz takes over completely. I’m likely, however, to hang around and continue to cause trouble even then.