Gard scores in the 2022 Summit International Awards

Here at Gard, one of our guiding tenets has always been, “Concentrate on the work and the rest will follow.”

This past year, we concentrated on quite a bit of work, as usual. What followed has been some humbling recognition from the marketing and communications industry.

Cover design for OBRC's 2021 annual report.

Earlier this month, winners of the 2022 Summit International Awards, which recognize excellence in the communications and marketing industry, were announced – and several projects from Gard were among the ranks.

Best of Show – For the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative’s 2021 Annual Report: Many Happy Returns.

Bronze – In the B2B category for the website we created for Aymium, an innovative company whose biocarbon and biohydrogen products can be used to replace fossil fuels in the production of metals, energy and crops.

Home page of the Aymium website at desktop width and on a phone.
Cover of the H&V 2021 sustainability report.

Bronze – For Hollingsworth & Vose’s 2021 Sustainability Report: Creating a Cleaner, More Sustainable World.