Getting back to normal – almost – at Gard

A little over two years ago, Gard, like just about every other company, shifted to a remote work setting. We all set up home offices and got used to seeing each other on screens rather than in person.Slowly, a few people started trickling back into the office, but that was still limited as COVID continued to linger.

Last week, however, we tried something new: Everyone on the PR team headed into the office and we held our first in-person meeting since 2020. (Well, everyone except for associate Mary Wasson, who’s working from Chicago until later this spring.)

Eight Gard team employees gather around a conference table.
The Gard PR Team (aka the A Team) minus Scott Gallagher, who was behind the camera for this shot.

It was refreshing. It was lively. It felt unusual and good and almost normal.

The rest of the week, the office was back to its quieter self. But that’s OK. We’ll continue these weekly in-person meetings as long as COVID lets us. And maybe eventually, what feels almost normal will just feel plain normal again.