Alexis Wong

In her role as Senior Account Manager, Alexis maintains the professional relationship between clients and the rest of the hardworking strategists, creative heads and production people here at Gard, building impactful messaging and advertising campaigns. With SEO and content being huge drivers of attention today, Alexis also specializes in UX Content Design/Writing and enjoys collaborating with the team on Gard’s website builds.

Alexis is also part of Gard’s EDI Committee. In that role, she keeps an eye on our Diversity Growth and ensures that diverse voices are heard and recognized on our team and in our efforts.

A U.C. Berkeley graduate with a degree in architecture, Alexis joined Gard in 2018 from San Francisco, where she worked in digital advertising at Twitch and Rotten Tomatoes/Flixster. She has produced, worked and performed in theater for more than 15 years, privately coaches public speaking and serves on staff at PDX Women in Tech as a copywriter.

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I would say my job is like good makeup: If you don’t notice anything being done, then it’s being done right.

Alexis Wong

Colleagues Say

“I am always in awe of Alexis’ ability to catalog and memorize each aspect and dimension of her work.”