John Plymale

John has had two distinct chapters at Gard, first as Senior Art Director from 1993 to 2000, and then he rejoined the firm as Creative Director in 2005. Self-described as part control freak and part renaissance man, John is a writer, designer and editor who helps clients get to the heart of what they want to say, simplifying and packaging their messages to reach their audience in unique and compelling ways.

At Gard, John directs designers, writers, artists and production teams in house and in the field in the development of all forms of media, including video, audio, digital and print. He designs, writes copy and directs TV, radio, print and digital advertising. John also occasionally writes song lyrics for our clients and works with musicians to create entertaining, yet informational, ear worms.

In addition to serving on the marketing committee at Solve, John co-owns a popular dog training school, opened in 1999 as Portland’s first dog daycare.

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I love the collaboration of our team, the electricity of that first brainstorm session. I relish a tough challenge and enjoy digging deep to come up with a creative solution, even if it seems an impossible task at first. I like to think I work well within a box, pushing its walls and corners to their limits.

John Plymale

Colleagues Say

“John is our long-time creative director and one of our key strategists. He is a superb graphic designer, brilliant writer of headlines and disciplined producer. His talent is remarkable, but for John its purpose is to serve the needs and goals of our clients. He likes it best when their success is remarkable.”