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A fond farewell to Gard Communications

A fond farewell to Gard Communications

A dad, mom and two small children in front of the Northwestern sign.
Me and my family at Northwestern’s Kellogg’s School of Management, where I’ll be starting an MBA in the fall.

In honor of my colleague, Jon Bell, who used to write the daily “Five Things” for the Portland Business Journal before becoming Gard’s copywriter, I’d like to share my own spin on it and share five things I’ll miss once I leave for business school after six years working at Gard.

  1. The people – You spend a good chunk of your waking life at work, so you might as well enjoy who you’re working with. I’ve been fortunate to work with a cast of characters who exhibit wisdom, wit and warmth during tough situations. That forms a bond of mutual respect and admiration that gets you through stressful days.
  1. The work – I’m a naturally curious person, so I’ve loved getting the chance to become a pseudo-expert in industries from insurance and telecommunications to supply chain/logistics. Here are a few highlights – lumber pricing, Lillard and low-cost internet:
  1. The clients – I’ll truly miss my client partners who have become colleagues and friends. We’ve shared major donations announcements, released new products and navigated the choppy waters of crisis situations together. I won’t miss the late night calls, but I’ll miss the people at the other end of the line.
  1. The culture – You can’t fake substance for long. There’s a reason clients and staff often stay with Gard for many years, and that reason is substance. Gard doesn’t rely on gimmicks or flash-in-the-pan tactics that aren’t proven and won’t last. We create thoughtful, strategic campaigns and execute them with excellence year after year.
  1. Timesheets – Just kidding.

When I started at Gard, I was pretty green, recently engaged and fresh off of a cross-country move from Atlanta. Since 2016, my wife and I have welcomed two kids, bought and sold a house and created countless memories in the Pacific Northwest.

I’m heading off to new adventures as I start an MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. In many ways, Gard and Portland will always feel like home and I’m grateful for the ways it has shaped me. I’ll be back to visit. If you’re ever in Chicago, don’t be a stranger!