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From the Vintage Vault: 1994

From the Vintage Vault: 1994

Pulp Fiction advertising ad

A favorite from 1994, this national print ad for Louisiana-Pacific is a classic demonstration of the attention to detail required to produce creative work that’s also highly credible.

We know that advertising isn’t just a simple matter of “creating with the consumer in mind” – it’s creating something real with genuine purpose. That’s why we worked with an experienced book cover artist who had designed many pulp fiction covers to illustrate this ad and attract interest to the facts. Using an actual book designer brought credibility to the creative.

Louisiana-Pacific was the first manufacturer in the United States to commit to totally chlorine-free pulp, an environmentally safe practice that wasn’t yet popular due to higher costs. By contrasting the genre of pulp fiction novels with the truth about manufactured pulp, we generated interest and commanded understanding of Louisiana-Pacific’s unique position in the pulp market. And that’s a fact.