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Hello Kitty – and hello to Gard’s summer intern, Rossalyn Ou

Hello Kitty – and hello to Gard’s summer intern, Rossalyn Ou

She's a big Hello Kitty fan, a foodie and, as of this summer, an intern here at Gard Communications.

Meet Rossalyn Ou, a Portland native who’s spending her summer here with us at Gard by way of the Emerging Leaders Internship program. The program, which matches underrepresented college students and recent graduates with paid internships at top companies in Portland, has so far linked up more than 400 interns.

Last year, Jennifer Mendez-Ruiz joined us through the program, and now it’s Rossalyn’s turn. Read on to find out a little bit more about her.

Tell us a little about your background and how you got interested in HR.

I was born in Portland, Ore., and raised in Vancouver, Wash. I spent the last five years in Seattle, Wash., and being able to network and connect with others made me realize that I wanted to be in HR. When I was younger, I had numerous different passions, but I knew deep down that I wanted a role and position where I could help and support others while fostering connections and being able to learn constantly. Human Resources was a career that intrigued me because it had the traits that I wanted out of a career.

Why were you interested in the Emerging Leaders internship program?

Emerging Leaders was a program that I had seen being shared by my mutuals in Portland. As a first-generation Khmer American, being able to have the opportunity to be in a program that fosters career opportunities is a great way to gain more experience and get guidance from past mentees in the program. With my involvement in the Emerging Leaders program, I hope it inspires other folks to join!

What appealed to you about working for Gard?

I was interested in their values, but I also found Gard to be empowering and inspiring because of their involvement with the community and their diversity in their team. I admire their open communications in their workplace, how friendly their employees are and the opportunity to grow as a professional. Working with a diverse team of professionals is a goal of mine in my future careers.

What do you like to do when you’re not working for Gard?

I am a foodie. I enjoy trying out new food spots and supporting local businesses in the area. Along with that, I create content to showcase these spots that I go to on TikTok and Instagram. I also love to travel and try foods in new places. One of my favorite places so far has been Vancouver, B.C.

What’s something unique about you?

I have a huge love for Sanrio, specifically Hello Kitty. Growing up, I had many Hello Kitty themed items, and my love for it has grown over the years. In fact, when I was younger, I had a Hello Kitty themed water dispenser. It is an item that I would love to get again in the future.