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How Gard’s Clients are Making a Difference in the COVID-19 World

How Gard’s Clients are Making a Difference in the COVID-19 World

You can't go far these days — actually you can’t really go anywhere — without the coronavirus coming up. You see the masks, the empty streets, the closed restaurants and bars.

It can be heavy at times.

But there’s a lot of light shining through, as well. Companies stepping up, people pitching in, communities coming together.

Here’s a look at how some of Gard’s clients have been making a difference in the new world of COVID-19.

MODA: Keeping Spirits Bright — and Sanitized

Faced with a shortage of medical-grade hand sanitizer, the state of Oregon turned to Moda Health and Oregon’s craft distilleries for help. The result: a new partnership that finds four craft distilleries – all of them experienced with handling large quantities of alcohol – producing thousands of gallons of medical-grade hand sanitizer that’s being delivered to health care workers, hospitals and first responders around the state.

The Standard: Responding in a Big Way

The Standard Charitable Foundation, the charitable arm of Standard Insurance Company, has kicked in $250,000 to help community organizations in Oregon in their responses to COVID-19. The foundation made the donation to the Oregon Community Foundation’s Oregon Community Recovery Fund, which is helping organizations focused on child care, small businesses, seniors and educational opportunities for kids.  

OBRC: Supporting the Community – and its Customers  

The Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative runs Oregon’s renowned can and bottle return program. Looking to help the community during the current crisis, the cooperative is making it easier for its customers to donate container refunds to the Oregon Food Bank. It’s also matching those donations up to $25,000. On top of that, OBRC has also temporarily opened an Emergency Bulk Redemption Site to give customers another safe and clean option for returning containers. 

OBRC BottleDrop helping community
Courtesy of OBRC

DAT: Keeping the Country Rolling

Wondering where all the toilet paper is or how truckers are keeping supply chains up and running during the pandemic? Online freight marketplace DAT shared its expertise on both of these topics for two stories in the Boston Globe. Here’s the one on TP, and here’s the one on truckers.

DAT Solutions building
Courtesy of DAT

A lot of Gard’s clients are making a difference in the COVID-19 world. We’ll continue to spotlight them and their great work in future posts.