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Park Your Phone

Park Your Phone

You’ve seen them on the road. Maybe even in your own mirror. Drivers looking down, phone in hand… texting. Or checking email. Or scrolling for that perfect podcast.

ODOT’s Transportation Safety Division wants everybody in Oregon singing the same tune: “Before you start your car, park your phone.” So we helped them literally put it to music. It’s a friendly reminder of Oregon’s law – that handling your phone, or any other distractions, while you’re driving is illegal. (Singing along to your favorite tune is still okay).

Distracted driving has become a major problem in Oregon. Over the past five years, we’ve lost 95 people to crashes involving distracted drivers, and more than 18,400 were injured. These are preventable crashes.
At Gard, we realize changing behavior requires cutting through with a memorable message. That’s why we took a fun, positive approach with this song, and the way it’s delivered is pretty fun as well. Give it a watch. And we dare you to listen to it more than once – you’ll be singing along in no time!

Transportation Safety–ODOT – “Park Your Phone” (:45 version)
Transportation Safety–ODOT – “Park Your Phone” (:30 version)