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South Medford High School wins $25,000 in U.S. Cellular’s Battle of the Stands

South Medford High School wins $25,000 in U.S. Cellular’s Battle of the Stands

U.S. Cellular Battle of the Stands

Fans of South Medford High cheer as loud as they can to win U.S. Cellular’s Battle of the Stands.

High school football is a way of life in many of the communities where U.S. Cellular maintains a presence. That’s why, as part of the company’s commitment to local communities, U.S. Cellular recently held its inaugural Battle of the Stands competition. The competition sought to rally local high school football fans in support of their school spirit and a chance to win $25,000.

Eight schools across the nation were invited to prove that their fans are the loudest and proudest. Crowd noise was measured during halftime, as well as online after the game. While any of the eight schools could have won, we’re pleased to say that it was one of our own Pacific Northwest schools, South Medford High School, that took home the $25,000 prize. What did it take? An energetic crowd, of course. But also the community’s support and significant media coverage generated by our earned media campaign.

Here at Gard Communications we had a blast working with local media in Medford to raise awareness of the competition. We arranged dozens of TV, radio and print interviews to support the local marketing team’s efforts, helping drive attendance at the game and participation online. I also traveled to Medford to celebrate with the school and organize additional media coverage around the win. It was a pleasure to witness the excitement of school officials and students as U.S. Cellular handed over the check for $25,0000.

Students and staff of South Medford High pose with the $25,000 check the school received from U.S. Cellular.