Jenna Rose

An accomplished photographer, videographer, digital media strategist and social media expert, Jenna serves as Gard’s Producer. In that role, she produces cross-platform media, such as streaming video, TV ads, radio ads, animated graphics and more, working closely with our creative director on strategy. From pre-production planning to post-production editing, she is involved in every stage of the process.

Jenna also manages our clients’ digital media campaigns – Google, social, e-newsletters and others – and she is responsible for strategy, monitoring and reporting. An expert video editor, she is also our in-house photographer and regularly provides photo services for clients, most often event photography for public relations. Jenna enjoys working with diverse talent and production companies of all sizes, and she loves hiring voice talent because she can hire anyone across the globe.

After managing a veterinary hospital, where she wrangled pets and paperwork, Jenna joined Gard in 2011. A graduate of the University of North Texas with a B.A. in anthropology and psychology, she has explored every coastal town in Oregon, and she knows more about Star Trek than anyone else in the office (with the possible exception of Brian Gard). Picard is her captain.

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I believe there is an artist within all of us, and it’s our job to nurture the artist not only within ourselves but in others. We can lend a hand to pull them out, encourage them, and help them grow. If we aren’t helping each other’s inner artist, we aren’t doing it right.

Jenna Rose

Colleagues Say

“Jenna can accomplish just about anything you ask of her. If it’s not in her current wheelhouse, it soon will be.”