Karah Langson

Before she joined Gard as our Digital Media Manager in 2023, Karah worked widely in video, photo and social media production. She started as a production assistant for a commercial studio in Los Angeles, but her creative eye quickly vaulted her into the world of shooting and editing video. Eventually, Karah started her own video business – with a dash of SEO and social media consulting on the side – which focused on events, weddings and fashion shoots. That endeavor took her around the world and landed her frequently in Martha Stewart Weddings and Vogue Weddings.

At Gard, Karah manages many aspects of the digital world. This includes paid digital media, such as Facebook advertising, social media monitoring and planning, and the occasional social media video production. She collaborates with nearly everyone at Gard, a testament to how far-reaching and important digital and social media have become.

A graduate of California State University with a bachelor’s in theater and Purdue University with a master’s in communications, Karah is big into paddleboarding, open mic nights, vintage shopping and her dog, Emma.