Naureen Khan

Naureen joined Gard as an Associate in 2021 and was promoted to Account Manager in 2022. Her work includes managing client relations, social media strategy and drafting communication materials.

Naureen graduated from Portland State University with a degree in marketing and international business. Throughout her time at university, she worked a total of seven jobs and had various roles with student organizations, including President of the Badminton Recreational Club and a dancer for the Pacific Islander Club. She was also a part of a field study that travelled to Japan to learn about earthquake and crisis preparedness. Post-university, Naureen worked as a homeowner consultant at Vacasa, and she also currently works as a contract social media and contact manager  for Friends of Frog Ferry, an initiative to bring a ferry service to Portland.

Whenever she gets a breather in her schedule, Naureen likes to spend time converting her place to be more sustainable and discovering hidden wonders throughout Oregon (potentially finding Bigfoot?).

Building connections and learning from them is the best way to gain different perspectives.

Naureen Khan

Colleagues Say

Naureen is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. While working multiple jobs to help pay for college, her natural communications skills were quickly recognized and allowed her to graduate with PR experience far beyond the typical graduate.