Scott Gallagher

Scott is a storyteller who works with our team to create narratives and perceptions that help clients achieve their goals. A former college professor, marketing director for Rogue Ales and the director of communications for Portland State University, Scott collaborates with all of our team members – creative, web design, public relations, marketing, social media and advertising – to share those stories far and wide.

As Gard’s Vice President, Scott also works closely with clients so that they can maximize the benefits of partnering with Gard, a full-service firm with expertise in multiple mediums and communications tools. In addition, he enjoys Gard’s pro bono work, which helps nonprofits succeed and supports a variety of communities.

Scott has a Ph.D. in English literature and creative writing from Ohio University. An entrepreneur in his spare time, he also founded a cider business, Ulee’s Light Cider.

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Everyone, every client has a story to tell. The hardest question to ask is, Who cares? The trick is determining what is the right story, who wants or needs to know it and how best can we share it with them.

Scott Gallagher

Colleagues Say

“Scott is a consummate PR professional. Having worked with him as a journalist and now as a colleague at Gard, I can say that Scott is the kind of PR pro you want on your side: smart, creative, tough, personable, and someone who makes his clients look good.”