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Helping OHSU Move Faster Forward

Helping OHSU Move Faster Forward

No matter where you get your healthcare in Oregon, there’s a good chance that OHSU has touched your life and made it healthier in some way. Breakthroughs and discoveries made by scientists at OHSU have saved lives and brought hope to patients around the world. The list of breakthroughs includes the world’s first artificial heart valve, the world’s first targeted cancer therapy, and countless more discoveries that have changed the face of medicine.

Recently, with the support of more than 10,000 donors, OHSU raised $1 billion to fight cancer – an unprecedented accomplishment, which we were proud to help support.

But for OHSU, that’s just the beginning. In October, we helped the Oregon Health & Science University Foundation create and launch a new campaign, raising funds that will help fuel OHSU’s efforts to take down cancer, end HIV/AIDS, prevent blindness, and much more. The campaign includes full-page ads in major West Coast newspapers as well as the New York Times and Time Magazine.

The aim, all told, is to raise more than $2 billion by the end of 2020. Thanks to the success of the Knight Cancer Challenge, OHSU is already more than halfway to that goal.

This is far from the first time we’ve joined forces with OHSU and the Foundation. Our work goes back to the mid-1990s and includes campaigns celebrating how OHSU’s commitment to healing, teaching and discovery has helped change the world, and how all of Oregon benefits from the OHSU effect.

We’re honored to be included in their work once again, as OHSU moves Onward.

A new fundraising campaign for OHSU, by Gard Communications